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A lot of Space Cadet's work goes beyond just creation with recycled material. We also restore, salvage and upcycle. Within the skillset of our partners we are able to offer design, construction, repair as well as finishing your project or idea. 

Because these are so personal and unique all commissions needs a consult. Often and depending on the commission Space Cadet will require a deposit for materials and labor before we can begin. With understanding and sensitivity we can work do our best within your budget and time frame. This is all the topics we would cover in the initial consult. Before that happens, send us a message or email introducing yourself and your idea or item.

Disclaimer: Space Cadet is very direct and upfront with communicating expectations. If there is a project outside of our skill set we will typically be upfront and often offer suggestions if the budget, time frame, and expectations.

The small deposit required for consultation is non refundable.

If we choose to work with you on your project it will be applied to the total amount. Unfortunately if the project/ commission is not accepted the cost of the consult will be used for the time spent at that consult. If you need to ask questions before, please do not hesitate to contact us first.

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